Fair Slovak drink

made of fresh ginger juice

without preservatives
Alco/Non-Alco/Special Edition

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New beginning

How would you respond, if one of your dream companies suggested you cooperation?

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Ginger Mobile

We have dated in several places this year. Some of our encounters were hesitant, sceptical, surprising, at the same time also nice, interesting, joyful, inspiring and even maniacal in the end. 

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Our products

We materialised the return to traditions and fair handicraft taste and carried it into traditionally fermented low-alcoholic drink which we offer in three variations – with higher and lower content of naturally fermented alcohol and the special one – enriched with cinnamon, clove and anise.

We believe it

We have always had passion, joy and desire to bring something new to our market but we crossed each others´ ways after certain time. It was about long sleepless nights, talks and plans, trials and errors, ups and downs. So we became colleagues, friends and great maniacs!

Martin Hudák

Martin Hudák

Martin Kožuch

Martin Kožuch

Where can I buy Ginger Mania?

Although our maniac seat is located in the east of Slovakia in the city of Prešov, thanks to our partner Slovenské pramene a žriedla, a.s. (Slovak Springs and Wells Inc.) we have strong position in the whole country.

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